Possible Royalty Collector spoon


Possible Royalty Collector spoon

This is a collector spoon made by McGlashan-Clarke Co. It has an inverse crest on the end of the handle with what appears to be an R over a Y topped by a crown. Now this may be the crest of the Royal York hotel and it is quite heavy in make-up and has some wear or scratches on both sides of the bowl. There is no tarnish so I doubt it is silver or even silver plate. It does have some age to it. It is 5" long.

We have a number of Royalty spoons and the shipping cost for each is a bit of a guess. We will refund any excess shipping costs once the item is sent.

You could save a lot of money if you bought a number of spoons (and/or other items) since we will refund any difference in shipping costs for combined shipping.

If you wish to buy the Royalty spoons as a lot contact us for a quote.

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