1959 Queen Elizabeth visit to Canada large tea spoon


 1959 Queen Elizabeth visit to Canada large tea spoon

This is a large silver plated spoon commemorating the Royal Visit to Canada in 1959 of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.  Very ornate it has a "Canada topped by a crown" at the top of the handle. Down the handle it has "Royal Visit 1959" . On the back appears to be stamped "IS Co". It appears to be silver plate since some of the plate has worn off the back of the bowl. It shows some signs of wear.

It measures over 6" long. 

We have a number of Royalty spoons and the shipping cost for each is a bit of a guess. We will refund any excess shipping costs once the item is sent.

You could save a lot of money if you bought a number of spoons (and/or other items) since we will refund any difference in shipping costs for combined shipping.


Anyone wishing to buy 10 or more contact us we can probably negotiate a better deal.

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