.....SOLD.....1953 Queen Elizabeth Coronation Serving Tray


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1953 Queen Elizabeth Coronation Serving Tray

This is a great collector item for any Royalty enthusiast. This is a metal serving tray featuring a stunning portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a diamond studded tiara and necklace. This portrait was done by Yousuf Karsh in 1951 and a bromide print of his is hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in London. That one does NOT show the lower portion of the Queen’s dress as this tray does.Even more noteworthy is the fact that this portrait was taken in 1951 at which time the portrait used on the Canadian bank notes issued in 1954 was taken by Yousuf Karsh.These portraits by Karsh were the earliest portraits used on money with exception of Queen Elizabeth as a young girl on the Canadian 20-dollar note in the 30’s. Karsh, a Canadian, became one of the great portrait photographers of this century. This tray has a nice red rim around it which really highlights the Queen’s picture. On the top left is a crown with “19 E II R 53”. It is a large 16” by 12” and stands 1” high. On the bottom left corner it has “G.S.W. 1953” and in the right hand corner it has “Photo by Karsh” It is in very good condition for a used serving tray but does have a few scratches on it, the most obvious one being on the upper left side of the Queen’s portrait (see photo). Besides that though, there are just minor scuffs around the rim and bottom and some crackling effect on the bottom.

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