1937 King George VI Coronation tin from Huntley & Palmers


1937 King George VI Coronation tin from  Huntley & Palmers 

Beautiful and collectable round biscuit tin from biscuit giant Huntley & Palmers. Featuring the Royal Couple in full Coronation regalia seated on the Royal Thrones on the lid. Around the one side are images of various prominent British achievements of that period such as the land speed record breaker Bluebird, the Ocean Liner R.M.S. Queen Mary, slum clearance, streamlined trains, the Mersey Tunnel and Broadcasting House.

The other sides has small images of the Royal Family at leisure and images of the two Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

The back has two images of Royal Residences Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. Also around the side are the crests of the British Dominions.

A very desirable tin which held Balmoral Biscuits it is 5" in diameter by almost 4 1/4" tall and in very good condition.

Huntley & Palmers also trading as Associated Biscuits Limited, W.R. Jackson & Co and as Peek, Frean & Co.
Huntley & Palmers was founded in 1822 by Joseph Huntley as J. Huntley & Son. They became biscuit makers to the British Royal Family and in 1865 expanded into the European continent, and received Royal Warrants from Napoleon III and LĂ©opold II of Belgium. At their height they employed over 5,000 people and in 1900 were the world's largest biscuit firm. The origins of the firm's success lay in a number of areas. They provided a wide variety of popular products, producing 400 different varieties by 1903, and mass production enabled them to price their products keenly.
Another important part of their success was their ability to send biscuits all over the world, perfectly preserved in locally produced, elaborately decorated, and highly collectable biscuit tins. The tins proved to be a powerful marketing tool, and under their easily recognizable image Huntley & Palmer's biscuits came to symbolise the commercial power and reach of the British Empire in the same way that Coca Cola did for the United States. The tins found their way as far abroad as the heart of Africa and the mountains of Tibet; the company even provided biscuits to Captain Scott during his expedition to the South Pole. During the First World War they produced biscuits for the war effort and devoted their tin-making resources to making cases for artillery shells.

 In 1921, Huntley and Palmers entered into an amalgamation agreement with rival biscuit firm Peek Frean, resulting in the creation of a holding company, Associated Biscuit Manufacturers Ltd. Both biscuit firms retained their own brands and premises.
In 1960 Jacob's joined Associated Biscuit Manufacturers, and in 1969 ABM was reorganised as Associated Biscuits.
 Manufacturing in Reading ceased in 1976. In 1982 Nabisco acquired Associated Biscuits. Production continued at Huyton until 1983. After the closure of the Peek Frean factory at Bermondsey in 1989, Nabisco sold the Associated Biscuit brands (Huntley and Palmers, Peek Frean, and Jacobs) to Danone.

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