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We specialize in Royalty memorabilia such as tins,trays and collectables

Here you will find unique, collectible items for sale at reasonable prices. For the collector, or as great gifts, you should find something suitable.


For ROYALTY books and magazines (and any other paper items) visit our other stores

Please visit. Click here> http://papertrail.candutch.ca  or Google search;papertrail.candutch


For china and ceramics (including ROYALTY memorabilia) visit our other store China Miner

Please visit. Click here>  http://chinaminer.canadutch.ca or Google search;chinaminer.canadutch


We have another store for glass items of all kinds to view these visit;

  Click here> http://glassworks.ecrater.com or Google search; glassworks.ecrater.com


We also have a store at the Courtice Flea Market in Courtice, Ontario.

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Any questions on items I will be happy to answer. Just Email me your request. I can provide additional pictures for items if you like.